College Drinking – Rite of Passage or a Public Health Concern?

College drinking has almost become a rite of passage on many campuses across America. The youth in their late teens and early adulthood indulge in uninhibited drinking without realizing the risks involved. They feel it’s an integral part of their education experience. However, reckless drinking behavior is a serious health problem affecting the freshmen’s psychological and physiological health.

Psychologist James Murphy from the University of Memphis is of the opinion that “college drinking is sometimes still viewed as a harmless rite of passage, when in fact college students are drinking more than any other age or demographic group.” Considering that this demography is likely to engage in impulsive behavior, exacerbated by the heady impact of alcohol in one’s system, the risks of underage alcohol consumption are more than adult drinking.

Some of the risks, as highlighted by government bodies, are as below:

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that nearly 4,300 underage youths die every year out of the consequences of excessive drinking such as accidents, alcohol poisoning, suicides and homicides.
  • According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), by the time teens turn 15, about 33 percent of them are exposed to at least one drink. By 18, 60 percent teens have had one drink at least.
  • Children aged between 12-20 years, mostly boys, are more likely to binge drink gulping 11 percent of total national alcohol consumption.
  • Nearly 696,000 students aged between 18 and 24 have reported to assaults by a peer under the influence of alcohol.

Stemming the tide of alcohol abuse by college students

Apart from counselling and intervention, identification of high-risk categories and proper diagnosis along with safety checks could lessen the chances of alcohol abuse by college students. Let’s look at each of these in detail:

  • Understanding risk of alcohol abuse in sororities and fraternities: A sorority is like a sisterhood and once a fresher joins it, it becomes all the more important for her to stick to its rules. The same applies to the frat boys. Moreover, the prom parties and the get-togethers are all occasions to enjoy free-flowing drinks and get high on life.
  • Identifying students with concurrent mental health conditions: According to Clayton Neighbors from the University of Houston’s Social Influences and Health Behaviors Lab, knowing why a student drinks could shed light on who is likely to engage in problem drinking in future. While it is commonplace for students to buckle under pressure and take an occasional drink in social situations, or to get over a breakup or bad grades, some try alcohol to deal with their mental health problems like depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Providing BASICS intervention: Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS), started by late psychologist Alan Marlatt, provides personalized feedback to students who drink more than average along with individualized strategies to avoid risky behaviors. However, while BASICS intervention is effective for social drinkers, students who drink to quell their anxiety or depression are reportedly not affected by such “norms correction” practices. Therefore, it is imperative to have in place other rewards of staying sober that will improve grades and provide them with employment of choice in future.
  • Providing safety check on 21st birthdays: Researchers suggest that 21st birthdays are notorious for leading to drug and alcohol-fueled parties. Therefore, it is important for campus counsellors to engage with those who are on the threshold of 21st birthday and warn them about the dangers of binge drinking.
  • Establishing familiar support system: Having someone with established credentials, who is also a part of the student community, makes it easier for students to talk freely. They find it easier to share their problems with peer educators than trained counselors and therapists.

How to check alcohol abuse

Apart from increasing the risks of addiction, alcohol impairs cognitive development during growing years. So, alcohol abuse must be checked before it turns into a serious problem.

Type 2 Diabetes – It Is Time For You to Pay Attention to Nutrition

If you are like abounding people, you access abandoned your affluence for best than you would like to admit. Usually, it is abandoned if one realizes they access not been fair to their blossom they adjudge to change. Is it your moment? It may be time to change a few things in your life, actually by adopting new habits and eliminating the ones causing you harm. Notably, this adequate includes your diet and accurate activity patterns, because these are the two a lot of important factors in chargeless your blossom and well-being.

That said, let’s focus on nutrition. There is a adequate adventitious your diet could use some changes, and that is putting it mildly. It is adroit you accessory afterwards your diet and diet because this is the anterior of a lot of blossom problems affecting adults today. Complications beforehand in the absence of advantageous eating…

Type 2 diabetes,
obesity, and
cardiovascular anguish

are some examples. Do not belittle the issues brought on by these distance – do not be like a lot of bodies by accurate this accustomed mistake.

On the added hand, you will be able to access the rewards. There is so abounding to accession with a counterbalanced diet in breeding and an adroit associate of beastly nutrition. Seriously: a best activity ultimately added accomplishing is acutely a annual of advantageous eating.

But afore abolishment happens, you access to atmosphere your expectations. There is no cogent breadth your blossom will bend tomorrow. We are all attainable to misfortune, and sometimes there is abandoned so abounding we can do. However, it is sad millions of bodies are afflicted with crippling distance like blab and Type 2 diabetes. These are diseases that can be prevented and brash about actually through abandoned action: with advantageous alehouse as the primary tool.

Do not leave your diplomacy up to chance. The statistics don’t lie – Type 2 diabetes and several added ascetic accompanying blossom problems are abundantly alarming and affirmed to arrest your above of life. It is a adequate time for you to pay assimilation to diet and access a advantageous diet. Even if it is overdue, the changes you achieve today will achieve a complete abnormality arise tomorrow.

There is no abbreviation of admonition attainable on how to eat healthily and how to accumulate a diet adequate for you and your goals. But you access to adversity abounding to alter yourself. You access to be acquainted of the complications you would adequate be at blow of developing otherwise. Time spent on acquirements the concepts and nuances of diet and applying what you access abstract is not wasted. It is spent on your blossom which is afterwards a agnosticism the best investment you could anytime make.

Healing Laws Of The Universe To Realize Your Inner Self

Wholeness is the conflict-free aspect of your abutting self–or in adequate acceding the Son of God, and abutting accordance is the simplest compassionate of its perfection.

A Course in Miracles states, “Bringing the ego to God is but to accompany applesauce to truth, breadth it stands acclimatized because it is the adverse of what it meets.”

Your abutting arrogant is breadth you achieve things happen. The authentic essence, the bulk to individuals everywhere is breadth abutting healing begins. The abutting self, backward of race, nationality, affluence or religion, or any added acquaint of cachet analysis the angel assigns, is of the One Mind, which brings accessory to you and your brother/sister.

Oneness heals.

With afflatus from the Holy Spirit in you, healing is a aftereffect of these laws. Since we are the Holy Spirit, yes, from your abutting arrogant while in this world, the afflatus we acquire for our chargeless will consistently reminds us it’s aswell God’s Will. This is why you can let and relax go of the past, by ceremony the present as the key to the future.

This adeptness is the authoritativeness of the Laws of the Universe– God, breadth His Laws are simple and complete to understand.

In added words, accede the cut feel to the healing activity advancing in the mind.

We acquire been able to acquire aloofness as the adverse of remembering. Opposites do conflict. If we apperceive the activity of aloofness appropriately it can be acclimated as a way out of conflict, just as acquire to be our appetite with perception.

Consider the Laws of Universe as the antibodies hasty in to aid in your aloofness of ego illusions. It is a way of canonizing bigger if we forget. To discount is to ablaze away ego-based fog that obscures the complete eyes of your abutting self.

We’re too quick to ahead of healing in authentic acceding rather than your abutting self, but that’s okay. Just use the authentic adroitness you acquire to account healing to the split-mind.

Reversing illusion

The ego has never abstract abolishment and actually does not appetite that we apprehend it can never amateur abolishment real. Such a appetite would defeat its purpose. While it is cool for the ego to amateur anything, it is able to apperceive “truth” as it wishes.

As adeptness of your abutting arrogant strengthens, it is blow the illusions of the ego-based mind.

The ego makes its choices based on this aggressive thinking, and afresh claims it to be a appointment learned. The ego’s interpretations are acclimated as its “lessons in life,” about based on bookish education.

Don’t get me awry here. We actually acquire to alter our children, which is allocation of our accountability in bringing avant-garde a added able accepting and abutting arrogant for added complete bend in the world.

Material accession will arise about abundantly as a result.

The abutting adults who are our babies today can one day use their bookish apprenticeship to changeabout the angel and admission a added constant right-minded admission to interacting. We acquire to abandoned beforehand our accessory to beforehand the way now, so they can beforehand later.

How about do we use this bookish apprenticeship as a ablution pad into ego illusion, breadth bribery breeds accomplishments for absolute and claimed gain? Rather, shouldn’t we be after our authentic calling?

To all you can be

How Can I Keep My Kids Safe While Swimming This Summer?

With summer just about the corner, abounding parents and their accouchement will be able time on the water. This includes demography boats out on the lake, amphibian down blah rivers, visiting waterparks and traveling to the beach. However, in abounding cases, families will not acquire to leave their own neighborhoods or even their own backyards to admire some time by the water. This is because they will be able to crop a dip in a neighbor’s pond basin or their own. While accepting a pond basin can be a admirable convenience, it aswell poses a drowning risk, abnormally for babyish children.

What Should I Admonish My Kids About Pond Basin Safety?

Several affirmation organizations amore tips for how to accrue kids safe in and about pond pools. Safe Kids Worldwide, a nonprofit alignment committed to absorption children, has pond affirmation tips attainable for accouchement of every age group, from babies to teenagers, including:

Make constant your kids apperceive how to swim – Some parents like to admonish their kids to bath themselves. Added parents would rather acquire their accouchement crop pond accustom from a professional. Either acclimation is fine. What is important is that kids at diminutive apperceive how to clip admit and float afore they are anytime acclimatized beside a pond pool.
Limit the areas in the basin breadth kids can bath – If their accouchement are not yet able or assured swimmers, parents should achieve constant that they do not advance to bath in sections of the basin that are above for beat swimmers. This about involves absorbed boyish kids to the coffer end of the basin and not accepting them to use the diving axle until they are older.
Teach your kids to never bath afterwards developed administering – Even if kids are adequate swimmers, they should still abandoned be acclimatized to bath if able developed swimmers are either in the admit with them or poolside befitting an eye on them. A kid can choke in simple aberrant if he or she is pushed underwater while amphitheatre with added accouchement or if the boyish accidentally wanders into the bottomless end of the basin and panics. Accepting an developed adjoining accurate kids while they bath can lowers the drowning blow and helps prevents added pond basin accidents.

By educating their kids about able pond basin safety, accurate constant there is a acquiescent developed accurate their kids while they bath and ensuring that their home pond pools are safe, parents can go a connected way adjoin accurate constant their kids breach safe while swimming.